The night before our interview with EgoSex, the photographer Mar Arago arrived at my house from Valencia and slept on a single person sized couch.  ´I don't mind at all ́, she said, ́I'm a little bit nervous about tomorrow though ́. She apologized for spilling water whilst showering in the morning. Not her fault of course, as our shower curtain / or the poor condition of it, was just doing it every time, with everyone. How should we get to the studio where we are having a photoshoot with the band? We jumped in a cab.

When finally meeting Egosex, one would say they are just formidable. So all the worries of  Mar from the night before were gone the minute we met the trio. A group with a powerful presence yet seemed quite relaxed and were capable of smoothly getting through a photoshoot a few hours long. Wekefore, the lead singer danced through it, along with the rest of the Egosex band, playing us their sounds of African percussion, blues vocals, and dance music. Their own work permits broader culture in a way such things rarely do, many who don ́t know about the African diaspora can change their attitudes towards the strongly growing Afro- Spaniard community in Barcelona. The interview took place in the same studio we took photos. Like everything they create, the music, the clothing, the videos are a nuanced yet intuitive composition of melodies, on which Egosex is fervently at work.