The truth, whatever it may be, isn't a work of the head but of your heart through your personal journey.

“There are as many paths to Truth as there are souls.” will say Idries Shah in his book “Sufi thought and action”.

Today, I realise that through my spirituality, at the crossroad of Islam taught by Sufis and the modernity of my own microcosm, I have found my truth, according to my soul.

Out of imposed labels, I am at peace with the sophistication of my beliefs.

I even realised how, in recent years an increasing number of Muslims around the world are daring to suggest other interpretations of Islam and want to be free of religious controlling dogma imposing its truths and ideas of what is right and wrong.

Many Muslims want to focus on the spiritual journey of Love, Peace, Beauty and Tolerance rather than punishment and limitations through the controlling of our minds and practices.

Homosexual imams leading the preaches in mosque, like Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed,  progressivists mosques like Simorgh where the prayer is gender mixed and many Muslim movements for an inclusive and enlightened Islam like the french movement VIE are contributing to diversity within the religious group, escaping the label of Islam as one frozen interpretation, to focus on spirituality alone.

But also, it seems that many atheists become spiritual seekers and although they have no religious affiliation they might want to claim a sense of deep mystical connection with each other, the universe and feel spiritual without the superstitions. 

Could that be a new spiritual vision? After we all agree that it is part of intimacy and that faith can be as complex as we want it to be, the subject can’t be a binary one, with those who believe in a God and those who don’t.

Could it be avant-garde to unbox any kind of faith and humans as a sign of modernity?

I'm sure We (today’s humanity) can take the risk to feel uncomfortable with the confusion of uncategorized minds, sexuality, gender and faith.

Can, some of those so called intelligent people free from any religious dogma, realise their condescension towards the Muslim woman I am, isn’t a progressive approach nor is the one of the fanatical Muslim who robotically never questions the words of religious teachings and condemns my miscreant life.