Do you think geography or specific places influence your work at all?

Always! Travelling is my motivational force, it’s like an urge to fulfil my wanderlust. It allows me to have a wider visual reference and be more open to artistic expressions.

You used to work only in fashion. What has drawn you towards the design of objects and sculpture?

The starting point was my curiosity for the manual process of crafts, I feel like it is a return to the origin, for instance with clay there is the mud, the water, the earth and then the fire that consolidates them. It also allows you to experiment with volumes, as it is very moldable. I like to work with natural materials in general, it feels like nowadays everything is massed produced and it’s harder to find local artisans and their know-how. So my aim is to promote local artisans with small unique collections to carry on this know-how to further generations.

You are perfectly polyglot, what language do you write in?

I write in Spanish or in English as those are the languages that I use on a daily basis.