Would you do this if you could go back in time and choose any other profession? Would you do it again?

I would not choose this, but there is something in me that cannot stop it. I should have studied medicine, criminology or psychology, they were careers that I wanted to do as a child, because I thought I would not be able to just create. For me there is a lot of suffering, it makes me struggle, because you can never have a steady income and that you have to work in precarious jobs that you don't like at all to continue, in your spare time, doing what you really love.

What emotionally burdens you the most from your work?

Not being able to do even less than half of the things I imagine, it overwhelms me to have many worlds in my head that seem to never become physical in reality.

Being able to be transversal allows you not to depend on anyone. Many times you work alone with a model, what differences do you find between working alone to collaborating with someone?

Working alone allows me to have a lot of freedom, directing absolutely everything and at the same time performing the tasks that you impose on yourself, creating self-demands for yourself and your multiple realities and identities is something very interesting that nourishes me, deconstructs and builds me as creative.

I always wanted to be a film director, I don't feel like a designer, that's why I experienced everything in an interdisciplinary way, although I would love to be able to have a team or collaborate with more people who can understand my way of working. My experience so far has been that few people I understood my vision completely.

In your project you also do collaborate with photographers, models and artists, under what criteria do you choose who to work with? Is it important today to collaborate with different people, what does it give you?

I choose people for what they tell me through their projects. I stalk a lot so I have many people stored in my retina, I think of it as a mental drawer that I combine with the aesthetic imagination and mine, at times when I want to create videos, photos or performances. I think that the city is what influences me the most, I would love to collaborate with people I see on the street or in the subway, sometimes I take long walks in the Raval, for me it is a Museum of contemporary art, cinema and theater in virtual hyperreality.

What references, new faces or profiles should we know to contextualize your work? What or who are you following or are you interested in your work? What are your indispensable accounts?

@imongicindr @tenantofculture @salvatore_caputo @_hugodelarosa  @guillaumebarrau @kyrasophie @amnesiascammer @medina_green_archive @550bc @enfantsrichesprimes @rememberyouweremadetobeused @robbremner4 @shalvanikvashivili @ashidapark @synmurayama @xmarkjenkinsx @axonbody @youngboydancingroup_ @douglas.cantor @eartheather @youdada @mateusz.sarzynski #anneimhof @marie.lueder @coucouchloe @lumpenmen @_jordiestrada @andrea_crews @nooyoesgnos1 @ic3peak @causacibum @coevalmagazine

Now you are in Barcelona, what projects are you currently working on? What can we see in the future?

I want to film more content that is not just fashion films, but instead with a plot and a structure more linked to cinema. I would also like to be able to do a music production course, lately I am surrounded by many people who make music and it would be incredible to be able to collaborate with them. Introducing dance is also a pending task, I see it as a necessity to move towards more fields in my project, I hope it can be possible.