How would you define your work?

My work is distorted and compressed by dissecting different disciplines keeping "fashion" as the product, due to the fact that this space is temporary. I could make some definitions that are not totally clear, systematically evolving into something eclectic, spontaneous, rhizomatic, sometimes nihilistic, forcing the language of nothing, with aspects of social psychodrama and an autobiographical touch, taking too many directions in their own creative process without my control, with a center of concrete thoughts that sometimes seem immovable.

Why clothes and not another artistic expression?

Clothes were always an excuse to hide.I loved to create identities that might be hidden in past lives or in my own genome, analyzing it over time I understood that it was the way to cover my birthmark (angioma), to be able to dress "eccentric or exaggerated" so that they looked more at my clothes than on my skin, creating another layer of dermis of rarity above what was present in my daily routine. I made these clothes in a precarious way to go to school and made a character of each outfit with a psychological profile with its culture, country, ethnicity, race, autobiography, etc .I was a small Cindy Sherman from La Mancha.

How would you define your aesthetic?

A mixture of many influences that come from influences like the “destroy route”, eurodance, neokinki, techno music, hard techno, the post-soviet style, the underground scene of the raves in Kiev, the aesthetics of discos like the Nod, Spiral, Chocolate, Actv, Scorpia, Masia ...

The images of the manifestations in the Arab spring, the flags and logos of European political campaigns, post-apocalyptic aesthetics, anime, manga, science fiction comics, religious imagery, scenes of different films or series with a dystopian or non-utopian aesthetic.

Series like Utopia, anime like Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell or Akira. Also, Andrei Tarkovsky, Metropolis, Videodrome movies, texts of the transhumanist manifesto, the 1984 book or The Guy Debord Show Society or the Lovecraft Necronomicon… Stuff that emphasizes accelerationism, hyperreality, digital identities...

What philosophy does this project follow? Under what premises do you guide your creative process?

The issues that are very important when working on my project are pain, anxiety, diseases, human suffering, social problems, cultural identity, emigration and immigration, the uncertain and chaotic future made by the imposition of machines..I’m also interested in gender issues, isolation through hyper information and technology, loneliness, sects and religions, freemasonry, hermeticism, esotericism, occultism, divination arts, tarot, philosophy, psychology and politics.

What inspires you to choose an aesthetic, a model or a space? Where do you find them?

The street, my daily life, internet, my dreams, my parasomnia. But I usually find the models on instagram.