My grandparents were born in the sand of the Sahara desert (literally) in the 20s and arrived in France, to live in a slum with their 8 kids during the Algerian war in the 50s.

These people were not educated or literates, the only education they ever had was a spiritual one. They were Sufis, which taught them open-mindedness and that sensibility to appreciate Art and beauty in general. Above all, Sufism nourished their ability of overwhelming tolerance towards every single divine creation.

LGBT members, political refugees, intellectuals seeking asylum or homeless persons could  find shelter in my grandparents’ home out of pure goodness and common sense.

Judgement did not belong in the Islam I've learned, the message of love was always the central element of all teachings and if felt right deep down, it couldn’t be a sin.

My grandma used to say: “ Your heart is a mirror, polish it, clean it and preserve it so you will see God in it”

In a way she was teaching me Self Love to allow me to give to others and the idea, I only understood recently, that the divine resides in your inner self.

Even though many say that the Sufis are the “hippies of Islam”, Sufism is a deeper spiritual path of the Muslim tradition. It follows the precepts of the Quran and although the practice and interpretation may differ, it is Islam.

I am a 36 year old french woman who grew up in Paris. I am a stylist. I drink alcohol. I wear miniskirts. I drive. I had sex (way long) before marriage ( I’m married since to an atheist) I fast only when I feel like it. I pray once a day if you consider meditation prayer and I haven't read the Quran in its integrality.

Within the so called practice, all I commute to is the abstinence of pork, maybe because it is easy for me as I’m on the verge of vegetarianism by choice.

I envisage Islam as a spiritual path helping me to rely on the divine, my inner self, others and nature, to elevate my soul and transform my being to invest myself in this world the best I can.

I consider the holy book, not as a frozen code of conduct but as a text leading towards a quest of a personal sense of happiness through love and kindness to myself and any kind of being.