The condescension towards my “indoctrinated“ mind makes it difficult for me to say that I am Muslim without bringing all the subtleties and nuances that come with it .

But then, as I m dwelling on that conversation in the bar, like a flashback, I wonder, could I be sipping my mojito and call myself a Muslim or was I denied the right to be complex?

When will it be possible to grasp the subject of faith with nuances and get over the binary diktat of spirituality that seems to remain “trendy” in the world today?

Is the denial of ambiguity in faith a reality in our societies?

The philosopher Adorno said: “Intolerance of ambiguity is the sign of an authoritarian personality”

Yet, this is a valid ascertainment from both extremes.

Either you’re part of a mass religion with all that it implies (often with what everyone else but you think it implies) or you reject religion altogether. It doesn't seem acceptable to be between two certainties and feel rich and content about it.

You are asked to make a choice between those two schools of thought and if it is Religion you choose, then your personal interpretation within it has no value.

Religion is a system of practices and beliefs used in a group or community, however, it seems healthy to me that practices and interpretations vary within the group composed of different minds, hearts and souls.

But the label stays unchanged: My religion is called ISLAM.

I am not ashamed, scared or uneasy with this name, quite the contrary, but I wonder if that label is mine and what does it imply for others?  Can I be considered by my peers or am I an offence because of my personal beliefs?