Growing up in Paris in the heart of this liberated 80s generation, going to University and now working in fashion and cinema has been a favorable recipe to create around me, a religion proof shield. I would not pretend to understand  the correlation between the cause and effect but the truth is, most of my closest friends, my colleagues and even my husband are atheists and the majority hopes that one day, I finally wake up from the foolery of my archaic religion that is Islam.

“ These religions are a fraud, an invention of men to control people, to give them morals, for society to function with rules and laws…”

“... The purpose was only for humanity to know right from wrong...”

Religion is an easy answer to the absurd essence of our existence and you don’t have to be scared of your unanswered questions about it…”

“ Look at all the hypocrisy of religious authority, they manipulate people!”

“How can you admit science but still be part of this masquerade?”

“Muslim and emancipated women don’t add up, can’t you see how Muslims disregard  women?...”

I now get bored with the common sense of those simplistic affirmations and I’ve felt, on few life occasions, that the label of my religion was coming as a shock to my environment, almost as if I was incoherent with the lifestyle I had and also because, “how can an educated, emancipated girl like me be MUSLIM?”