Carla Deltoro


My name is Carla Deltoro, I am a photographer living in Sant Adrià del Besòs. You

may not know Sant Adrià due to the

fact is a small city

on the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain.

I have lived all my life in this city -specifically nineteen years-, so the topics

which I deal with in photography are linked to this geographical point. Recently I have

realized a project here, in my city, with my closest friends who are teenagers that live

in the outskirts of the city. They have a concept of love quite influenced by the ideas

that they have seen in their families and their environment as they have been

growing. We can not forget the influence that industries such as Disney or Hollywood

can exercise over them. This fact has provoked that heterosexual relations which are

established between boys and girls are based on determinated roles that can change

depending on his sex: The boys must be brave, strong and aggressive and the girls

must be good, delicate and affectionate. As long as both of them accomplish their

role, the relationship will be good.

They realize a tireless search of romantic and impossible loves, suffering continually

under sentences such as "love and pain go hand in hand", since the more the suffer,

the more real is their love; and this way, we think that "love conquers all". And finally,

as all romantic films end : "Until death do them part”. The project is called ‘Feniletilamina’.

Phenethylamine (PEA) is a neurotransmitter that

causes tingling sensations and nervousness (among other symptoms) when we fall

in love. The images of the project are a recreation of the reality that I have exposed

before in a very personal way, since they are based on my own experience and that

of my friends. Femininity and masculinity are two terms that are present in

photographies, and that I continually emphasize with the colors, blue for the boys and

pink for the girls. There are also love declarations in the project that I have found in

the outskirts as well as more abstract images that are part of the feminine / masculine

universe. Personally, I have focused my project on the girls, because they are those

who are under more pressure on how they should behave. Both in their daily life and

in their sex life there is a limitation of choice, they are easily marked and labeled as

“sluts” -we understand this term in a derogatory way-. Not only in the behaviour of

boys towards girls,

but also between the girls this way of thinking and relating is latent, generating images that, under a idea of a "fairy tale", have all this background.