R O W D Y publication apart from obvious meaning stands for: Radical, Odd, Wild, Diverse and Young.

Our mission is to create a space where the artist can express themselves as they are.

Not afraid to be who they are.

Our purpose is the discovery of new ways of seeing and doing, offering a different vision of selected themes, provoking and engaging the reader in previously unpublished narratives of all lengths ranging from short stories, fiction, poetry, including personal essays, memoires, literary critique, commentary, reportage, interviews.

We are here to give you dear reader material that conceptually implements specific topic and works within certain aesthetics. The theme of the magazine is changing with every issue because we are ready to explore different views instead of sticking to one orientation -  a kind of printed outlaw constantly questioning the status quo.

The project was born from the curiosity of young people looking for ways of expressing themselves through visual arts. We are a magazine that is not about buying things, owning things but showing the inside of people we admire and topics we are passionate about.

In fact, we believe in creating a content that acts more like a book, as an archive for some topic, rather than just providing information to be lightly consumed.

As recent graduates of Art Direction, we want to get away from what we know, and explore the limits of design to share the spirit of our idea, and to hopefully inspire other people at the same time.

Let's begin ROWDY revolution.